Light on the Sacred, Heavy on the Profane
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Astounding Stupidity!!!!

At Dean's Place, a guest blogger had this to say:
So I guess lesbian and bisexual women are somehow weird or wacky for supporting abortion rights because they don't get pregnant by their lovers. Silly dykes! Abortions are none of your concern.
All I can say in return, flabbergasted, is that he must have never been told, as a pro-life male, that, "You will never get pregnant, so my right to choose is none of your business!"

If he had to deal with arguments like that, there is one thing he would have certainly realized:
One can't tell a straight male who can't conceive that abortion is an issue the male is not allowed to have an opinion about while simultaneously telling the lesbian who can't conceive that abortion is an issue that she is allowed to have an opinion about.
At least not while possessing a shred of intellectual honesty.

I'm not exactly holding my breath waiting for this blogger to write a stirring defence of the men in the pro-life movement. It would be nice if he would concede that abortion is our concern, too. But that's OK, we're tough enough to fight a losing battle for 31 years- 35 in New York State- we're used to this treatment.

And if one would like to argue that it is not a widespread argument among the pro-infanticide crowd that men aren't allowed to have an opinion about abortion, I can only refer you to this picture from the infanticide march: