Light on the Sacred, Heavy on the Profane
Friday, January 16, 2004
Smoking in Bars

Last night, I was at a watering hole that shall remain nameless. Not a bar I like. Only go there cause my friend DJ's that sweet soul music I love so much. The owner was always a huge opponent of the NYC smoking ban.

I got there at around 11. Normally, the owner lets people smoke at midnight to one, based on the idea that city workers are lazy and don't want to stay up late. When I arrived, almost everyone in the bar was smoking.

"Uri(the barkeep), what's the deal with the cigarettes?"

"Who can watch people smoking outside in this weather? Too cruel. Besides, what city worker is going to be out fining people in this weather?"

Later, talking with the owner, someone who I have no love for, as he's a fuckin' commie:

"I can't make my customers go outside to smoke in this weather. They can fine me, shut me down, I don't care. That's just wrong."

I was so pleased that a commie finally acknowleged moral absolutes. Of course, it didn't surprise me that he only did so after it affected his own wallet...
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