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Saturday, December 20, 2003
The True Colors of the Left

I wasn't surprised by this, because I am intimately familiar with the racism of the radical left in America. There are, to be sure, racists at the extremes of both the left and right, as anyone familiar with Democratic Underground and Free Republic can tell you. Both forums censor ethnic hatred, but there are many members who are subtle enough to not get banned. Having said that, in my opinion, the large majority of ethnic hatred in this country comes from the left, principally because the media allows them to get away with it. Let's take a few quotes from that story, shall we?
And the Dean event got a lot worse. Comedian David Cross used the N-word for blacks in a disjointed "joke" apparently based on the premise that it's fine for a pro-Dean comic to use racial epithets as long as the goal is to claim Republicans are racists.

Comic Kate Clinton evoked Michael Jackson (hit with new child-sex-abuse charges) and said: "Frankly, I'm far more frightened of Condoleezza Rice" - the Bush national security adviser who has nothing in common with Jackson except being black.

Rice seems to drive liberal woman comics especially nuts. Sandra Bernhard insulted her in racial terms with a "Yes Massa" accent at another Dean fundraiser the same night. Perhaps the pro-Dean comics find it unbearable that the most powerful black woman in U.S. history, close friend to the president and his wife - and a brilliant classical pianist to boot - dares to be a Republican.

Actually, there was something to offend everyone. Dean rival Joe Lieberman got ridiculed for being unable to campaign on Jewish holidays because he's Orthodox. Vice President Dick Cheney was accused of talking "like Mary Jo Buttafuoco."

Cheney's wife Lynne was called "Lon Chaney" - the long-ago movie star who specialized in playing ghouls in horror films. And Cheney's daughter Mary, who is gay, was called "a big lezzie."

Even the apolitical "jokes" were ugly - like a suggestion that it's bizarre to see an Asian baby with Asian parents because so many Asian babies are adopted by whites.
OK, so the Lon Chaney bit is kinda funny. I've used it myself in a, "What, pray tell, were her parents thinking?" joke. But here's the thing:
As all this hate was getting spewed out, Dean sat backstage listening. Aides say he was fuming, so livid that he almost refused to come out to talk to the crowd. When he did, he began by saying some of the language was "wrong" and "I just don't have much tolerance for ethnic humor." But he didn't refer to all the X-rated anti-Bush and anti-Cheney attacks.

More to the point, he did nothing to stop the hate session. It was, after all, Dean's fund-raiser. He had the power (to use Dean's favorite phrase) to come right out on stage and say the "jokes" were unacceptable and he wanted it stopped, immediately.

That's real leadership. That's what a real straight talker like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) would do. More to the point, that's what Bill Clinton did in 1992 when he blasted rapper Sister Souljah for anti-white words "filled with hatred."

If there had been TV cameras, it could have been really bad news for Dean. As it was, he got off pretty lightly. The Post reported the story and the Times ran a teensy-weensy account buried on page B-6 of the Metro section.

Republicans are fuming. They say that if anything like this had happened at an event where a top Republican was present and did nothing to stop it, the media would rage about it for weeks.

"It's disgraceful. It's like an Upper West Side Manhattan left-wing Ku Klux Klan mentality," said Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.). "If some Southern redneck talked like this about a liberal, everyone would denounce it. But because it's Upper West Side humor, somehow it's supposed to be chic."

First point: Would Dubya have reacted the same way? No. He probably wouldn't have come out on stage, but just walked out. Refused the donations for that event.

But then if he was going to do a comedy fundraiser, he would've made sure the comedians knew there would be no blue humor, let alone ethnic humor.

But, come to think of it, why would Dubya have a comedy fund raiser? In the 2000 campaign, I can't think of a single comedy fundraiser. Can't think of a single celebrity fundraiser.

I gotta say, Dubya just woulda never been in this position. He's not a starfucker. He just does the rubber chicken circuit and meets people who are serious about global poverty, their children's crappy schools, overregulation of the businesses they depend on, etc. Since they're serious, they don't need no stinking comedy act. They paid to hear the candidate, so let's hear what he's got to say.

Second point: David Cross using the word "nigger" in a joke at a Democratic fundraiser. OK, I have to disclose that I am a huge David Cross fan. Him and Bob Odenkirk's Mr. Show is the ultimate exercise in twisted sketch comedy. They are an inspiration to and an influence upon my own sketch comedy. (Ours, because it is a team effort between me and 2 friends) I know Bob and David are commies, but why should that bother me? My 2 writing partners are commies. My only hope is that we can be as funny as them.

In the second episode of the DVD of the first and second seasons, on the commentary track, Bob and David introduce a character. Her name is Jeanette Dunwoodie, and she's a very proper Southern lady who likes it when Bob and David wear suits during their sketches. She's not so fond of Jews and Blacks, though. When I first heard it, I couldn't believe how bigoted they were towards Southerners. (Or perhaps it's just David- if I had to guess, he's the one doing the voice, but it might be one of their actors, too. Tom Kenny went on to have many voiceover roles, most notably in The PowerPuff Girls)

After digesting this news, I can say without hesitation that during the commentary taping, David was engaging in projection.
"A defense mechanism in which the individual attributes to other people impulses and traits that he himself has but cannot accept. It is especially likely to occur when the person lacks insight into his own impulses and traits."

Such a shame. He's so funny, and still an inspiration to me, despite bringing ethnic humor to a place it clearly does not belong.

PS: I know that I should set Amazon links up so I can get paid through referrals. When I have the time, I will.

Friday, December 19, 2003
How The People Will Bypass The McCain-Feingold Law to Get Their Candidates Elected

It's not on their website yet, but The Club For Growth sent me an email today. I would excerpt the relevant parts, but all of it's relevant:
Here’s what Senator John McCain said during the debate about passing the campaign finance law upheld by the Court last week:

“What we're trying to do is stop organizations like the so-called Club for Growth that . . . spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in attack ads.”

We are shocked and appalled by the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding draconian restrictions on our ability to even mention the name of a congressman or candidate name within 30 days of a primary election, or 60 days before a general election.

Justice Antonin Scalia was exactly right when he wrote in his blistering dissent that “This is a sad day for the freedom of speech. Who could have imagined that the same Court which, within the past four years, has sternly disapproved of restrictions upon such inconsequential forms of expression as virtual child pornography, tobacco advertising, dissemination of illegally intercepted communications, and sexually explicit cable programming would smile with favor upon a law that cuts to the heart of what the First Amendment is meant to protect: the right to criticize the government. For that is what the most offensive provisions of this legislation are all about.”

The Club was one of the many plaintiffs that petitioned the Court to strike down the law. We are disgusted that Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter joined the three other liberal judges on the Court to erode our protections under the Bill of Rights. After all, James Madison once wrote that the Supreme Court is supposed to be “the bulwark of our liberties.”

As the above quote from John McCain indicates, this law is intended to reduce the clout of the Club for Growth. That’s a tribute to our success. We want to reassure you that this new law will not stop our activities. It will in no way weaken our resolve to continue to elect solid free market, pro-growth candidates, to speak out for tax cuts and other vital issues to our economy and to continue running our award-winning and influential TV and radio ads, when appropriate. The limitation on “soft dollar” advertising by the Club makes our fundamental mission of raising and bundling dollars for our candidates all the more valuable. No other group is able to raise candidate contributions to match the Club in this regard.

We will continue to praise pro-growth policies and candidates and to make life miserable for the Tom Daschles and the Arlen Specters and other Republicans in Name Only. There is a legal way to get around the 30-day and 60-day advertising restriction and that is to have the Club for Growth’s PAC pay for the advertising during the banned period.

Until now, the Club has not made a substantial effort to raise money for the Club’s PAC. We didn’t need to. But now with the first primary elections barely 30 days away, we will place a new emphasis on building a war chest in our PAC so we can continue to praise or criticize candidates for their policies that would either help or harm our nation.

We are also consulting legal experts to determine whether we can or should reorganize the Club’s charter to regain our full free speech rights.

Any member of your family can contribute to the Club’s PAC. You and any member of your family are allowed to donate up to $5,000 each and every year to the Club for Growth PAC.

A husband and wife are allowed to donate as much as $10,000 using one check, if the check is drawn on a joint account and both spouses either sign the check or a note with the check indicating it is a joint contribution.

While contributions to the Club’s PAC are limited by law, remember that you can continue to write a check for any amount to the Club for Growth. Donations to the Club don't count against any limits on contributions to PACs, parties or candidates. We can use these unlimited funds to find new members who can give money to our PAC and candidates, as well as for advertising prior to the 30-day primary and 60-day general election ban. Of course, contributions to the Club’s PAC are not tax deductible. If you’d like to contribute to help build up the Club’s PAC account, make your checks payable to the Club for Growth PAC. Or you can call us with your credit card ready at 1-800-687-2582.

We will not be muzzled by the McCain-Feingold law.

Thank you for all your wonderful support this year. Best wishes for the Holidays and a Happy New Year!



This is more inside baseball, but worth noting for this reason alone:

Political speech will not be shackled. It will not be regulated. The people will always have an opinion about the elites. The elites cannot and will not silence us. Incumbency will never be equated with job security.

As Abraham Lincoln said
government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Assassins Of Color, If You Please.

Recently racial pressure groups protested the portrayal of Haitians in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This is a game where you play a gangster. A game where your only contact with the straight world are the people you carjack. The cops are hopelessly corrupt. The easiest and cheapest way to improve your character's health is to hire a hooker, have sex with her in your car, run her over after she exits the vehicle, and take your money back from the corpse. Everything in this game is utterly depraved.

It is based on reality to some degree, as the world of organized crime is splintered by ethnicity. A half Irish half Italian will never become a made man. The Russians have their mob, the Serbs have their mob, the Croats have their mob, the Albanians have their mob, the Jamaicans have their mob, the Mexicans have their mob, the Irish have their mob, and yes, the Haitians have their mob. Guess what? For the most part, they don't hang out together. They don't like each other. Despite good old Rodney's King's plea, they all can't just get along. I guarantee you the things that the Italian gangsters really say about Haitians are mild compared to any of the dialogue in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Here's an example of street talk between two characters in novel, Q&A, Edwin Torres, copyright 1977. A black cop and a Puerto Rican cop.

"Two years ago, when I first came into the 2 3, there was a cat named Curtis Hayworth, a bad spook-"
"I always knew you was a racist, rice and beans jive ass Po’ Rican."
"Fuck You, jungle bunny."
"You ain't nothin’ but a nigger with straight hair."
"Dig who’s talkin’. Wasn’t but yesterday you was conkin’ yo’ head with a steam iron at your ol’ lady’s beauty parlor."

That's talk between two cops that like each other. Can you imagine what Italian gangsters really say about Haitians?

Now, given Rockstar Games’ reputation for crafting video games that celebrate the depths of depravity, you think that they could never cave in to such pressure. After all, if they can't offend anybody, not only will their video games be unable to portray life in the streets, they also won't be able to have characters who beat people up, murder people, rob people, have sex with hookers, steal police cars, etc. If they caved in, they could only create video games where the objective is to pick as many flowers as possible, help old ladies across the street, and smile.

I guess they think they can sell as many of these nice video games as they did the depraved ones. Because they caved. Signed their own bankruptcy papers. For people who celebrated the gangster life, they didn't seem to have any balls.
Monday, December 15, 2003
Gotta Post!

But I'm too tired to. Was up too late last night trying to get comments working. I finally got a different comment provider to work at 2 am. Tonight I was determined to get the haloscan code working, and when it happened, all the old comments were back. Of course that blew out the comments from the second haloscan installation and the BlogSpeak installation, but you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. </Walter Duranty>

Rest assured, my omelet making skills far surpass my blog crafting skills. Breakfast at O's crib is preferable to reading O's blog.

So, to get my daily post done quickly without having to think too much, we will commence with:
Chris' Korean Cab Driver Story

My friend and writing partner Chris related this story the other night. He got in a cab and the driver was an old Korean guy. Chris has been on a bit of a Korean kick lately, because he's a movie buff and Korean cinema is now getting wider distribution. So of course he practices his Korean on the cab driver and talks Korean movies, Korean culture and North Korea with the old guy. Sometime during the conversation Chris tells the old guy that he thinks Korean women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. The old Korean man got really agitated, but not at Chris. The old guy tells him, "All my life, Korean women were the best. But now they've got those damn cellphones!"

This was the funniest thing I'd heard in ages. Perhaps it's not so funny and I only thought so because at the time, I was very, very drunk. Either way, a nice painless post. There will be more political stuff on a day when I've had more sleep.
Sunday, December 14, 2003
The Ace of Spades
The Ace of Spades

you know I'm born to lose
and gambling is for fools
but that's the way I like it baby
I don't want to live forever

I'm mostly in agreement with Jed Babbin here.
Today we imposed an identity change on the insurgents. After Saddam’s capture, the insurgents can no longer be identified as Baathists seeking Saddam’s return. This is a turning point in the war because — if handled correctly — it can change the fight from a brewing ethnic civil war to one of Iraq and the Coalition against external forces. Some Iraqis will leave their ranks, and many others will stay in allegiance to various Shia and Sunni groups — and nations — that support them. Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia should be warned one last time that they will not escape any and all Coalition actions to stop their meddling in Iraq. This is not a quiet evening in Riyadh, Damascus, or Tehran. They hear footsteps, and they sound like American footsteps. None of those nations should be allowed to sleep soundly.

But I disagree with the following paragraph:
Those Saddam loyalists still out there will not want to give up, because they fear what he now faces: a war-crimes tribunal made up of the Iraqi people themselves. British P.M. Tony Blair said that Saddam will be tried by the Iraqis. He must be, and very soon. Saddam caught is not as valuable — to us and to Iraq — as Saddam dead. Those in the Axis of Weasels who are owed money will want to see him kept in prison, endlessly delaying his certain execution for mass murder. (Bad Vlad Putin must be looking into his fireplace about now, seeing images of $8 billion burning.)

There is a simple way to handle this problem. Announce that only the top 500 Ba'athist's will be tried. Most of the people doing the fighting are not among them. They are fighting for the spoils they enjoyed under Saddam. Those spoils are now definitively gone. The problem with these "L'etat ces't moi" dictatorships is that there is no one to succeed the leader (except for his son. See: North Korea) I think that the capture of Saddam will be a bigger blow to the insurgency than Jed Babbin realizes just now.

The first paragraph makes a very good point, though. Now the insurgency can be portrayed as the Iraqis vs. various neighboring nations. If the Bush team reads NRO- I know they do- we should expect to see this in the coming months.

Speaking of propaganda, from a purely political perspective, I hope that the testimony from Iraq about putting people into plastic shredding machines coincides with the Bush/Dean debates. And I apologize for being political rather than idealist. Normally I am an idealist, but when you're at war, propaganda is important. Especially when the loyal opposition has abandoned any pretense of loyalty. After all, if the nation that exemplifies your ideals is no more, what does an idealist do?

I see it in your eyes
take one look and die

I'm not a big fan of war crimes trials. I vastly prefer summary executions. Why have trials for something everyone knows happened?
And "waging an aggressive war," which is what the Germans were found guilty of at Nuremberg, is a silly charge.
Are you Hermann Goering? Yes. Bang! When you win a war, it should be as simple as that.

UPDATE: In my yoga class today, my yogi asked, "How much more of Saddam Hussein getting captured can you watch, anyway?"
I told him I could watch it all fuckin' day.

My neighbor told me, "Well, it looks like he kept up with the Grecian Formula while he was in the spiderhole."

UPDATE: This post in The Corner by John Derbyshire illustrates the problem with trying Saddam.
Now imagine Saddam, cleaned up and well fed, with nothing at all to lose, shouting defiance across a courtroom at his judges in the style of Madame Mao Tse-tung at HER trial. "Who are you to pass judgment on me? Collaborators! Lackeys of the infidel Crusaders! Who put you there to speak for the Iraqi people? And what law did I break? Before the Americans came and stole our country, I WAS the law!..." Etc. Etc. Or he might opt for the calm, dignified Charles the First style, politely refusing to interact with the court because it has no jurisdiction over him.

And of course this will go on for ages, as the trial of Milosevic has, an open running sore on Arab racial pride...

Meanwhile Peter in the comments section of this post makes a good case for letting him live- the interrogation and the information we can glean from him.

After considering both points, I lean toward interrogating him for a few months, then killing him pubically in a matter that completely humiliates the Arab street.
Like Patriotic T-Shirts?

Check out this guy's site. Someone gave me a bunch of his T-Shirts recently. This one is my favorite.

Apologies to all who commented on my last template. I must have nuked your comments in revamping the blog. But at least that butt-ugly orange is gone.
Please, Please, Please

Let this be true.

Considering that the news recently was that Iraq has set up a war crimes tribunal I have to think that this murderer has been in custody for a while and we've been busy ascertaining it's The Real Saddam and setting up the proper means to try him.

Sometimes it pays to stay out late drinking.