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Saturday, December 13, 2003
Changing Times, Changing Tools

This WSJ article really tickled my fancy today. It is about the US Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker and his plan to change the Army to better equip it for winning the peace.

Particularly interesting is this idea:
Mr. Rumsfeld's office is even weighing a 125-page plan, prepared by his own Office of Force Transformation, to create a separate force made up mostly of soldiers that would focus on postwar reconstruction. The plan calls for building units of about 5,000 soldiers with large numbers of military police, engineers and linguists as well as legal, contracting and governance experts. These troops would push into an area just behind the combat forces.

The general wields a mean metaphor:
We are very good in the army in developing single-event people. If we were a track team, we'd have the best 100-yard-dash people, the best milers and the best discus throwers. But what we really need to be making right now are decathletes that are just good enough at everything."

Friday, December 12, 2003
Some Mutha Fuckas Belong in Jail

December 12th 2003

New Jersey State Parole Board
P.O. Box 862
Trenton, NJ 08625

To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that prisoner #39794-066, Clark Edward Squire, aka Sundiata Acoli will soon be considered for parole. I urge you strongly to reject his request. As someone who worked in the financial district on Sept. 11 2001, I am acutely aware that today the United States can not only ill afford to be soft on terrorism, but as a nation we can no longer afford the perception that we are soft on terrorism. This prisoner has never renounced the radical philosophy of violence that precipitated the murder of a police officer. If released, he would be free to lecture to college youth, much like other radicals of his time do today. The radicals that support his release and support terrorism are a fringe group, a vocal fringe group, but a fringe group nonetheless. The large majority of the citizens of New Jersey, along with the rest of the tri-state area, and the USA would prefer that an unrepentant domestic terrorist would not be released into our midst.

Thank you for your time,


Free Republic Link to the story

Link to the Folks Opposing Parole
Mark Steyn

Is the BSD of political writing. This guy writes for the English, the Americans, the Canadians, and the frogs posing as Canadians so well... I just wanna wear his foreskin around my neck hoping I can be as blessed as him.

This is what I'm talking about

Don't tell me you don't know what a BSD is.
Thursday, December 11, 2003
I Hate Dialup

Back on dialup while the switch from DSL to cable modem is accomplished. I'm already shaking with violent spasms. This is worse than going without booze. There won't be as many posts until my broadband comes back- (trembling) "Sweet, Delicious Broadband. I want to kiss you and rub you all over my body and inject a syringe full of you into my veins..."

Ahem. Excuse me. Should only be a week, and I'll post something every day, just nothing original. Something that amuses me, perhaps something that humbles me. Perhaps something that does both. Like This. Now pardon me, but the Emperor has a large helping of crow in the oven, and he's calling me in for dinner.
Robert Bartley Dead

This piece on why he mattered rocks. A fighter till the end- he only "retired" less than 3 years ago and wrote a weekly column until the day he died. Every conservative under 40 owes his intellectual development to him, and for that I salute you, Robert Bartley.

I'll see you on the other side- assuming you've finished shaking hands with those you've helped free from communist slavery by then.

UPDATE: The WSJ editorial page eulogy.

Peggy Noonan's eulogy.

UPDATE: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s eulogy.

UPDATE: BTW, Robert Bartley died of prostate cancer, which is very treatable if diagnosed early. The American Cancer Society recommends:
The official new recommendation for screening according to both the American Urological Association and the American Cancer Society is that men should begin yearly check-ups at age 50. In the case of a family history of the disease and for African American males, the recommendation is to begin screening no later that age 45. "Personally, I feel that a man should be screened at least every two years beginning at age 40, then yearly beginning at are 50," explained Dr. Michael Berson, a urologist and prostate specialist at Newton General Hospital.
It's been said that a prostate cancer screening becomes quite pleasurable after the first couple of times. No surprise here.

If anyone living in NYC wants to raise money for prostate cancer awareness, The New York Road Runners Club holds a 5 mile race every Father's Day Weekend, though it usually means racing in the rain. There is also a trailer near the finish line where MD's can perform your annual prostate cancer screening for you. Though when I reach the necessary age, God willing- you'll find me in the candlelit intimacy of a doctor's office.
Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Since He's in the News...

This whole Gore endorsing Dean thing. No one on the Internet has summarized it better than Jonah Goldberg.

But this gives me a reason to post my best work ever: The radio commercial I wrote for George Bush to use in his 2000 campaign. Some cynics might call it a song parody.

"Dubya George Bush"
by Oschisms

Sung to the tune of "Little Deuce Coupe" by The Beach Boys.
Go click the link to the amazon clip if you don't know it.

Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got
Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got

Now I'm not braggin' babe so don't slap my face
But he's got the smartest ideas in the race
Well Social Security, It needs to be fixed
And if we had our own accounts they’d be no budget tricks

He's our Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got
Our Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got

Just a Dubya George Bush with private accounts
And with compound int-er-est our savings’ll mount
Our children get to choose and that ain't no jive
They'll have a million in the bank when they're 65

He's our Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got
Our Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got

He's got a competition plan for the government schools
And he'll withdraw their funding if they break his rules
And if that ain't enough to make you vote for him
There's one more thing, He's got the tax cut, Daddy

We’re prayin’ to our Gods on Election Day
If we blow em out the water there'll be hell to pay
They'll get bent out of shape and it's hard to hear
When pundits blubber through all their tears

He's our Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got
Our Dubya George Bush
You don't know what we got

It goes without saying, his education bill turned out to be a boondoggle, but I'm still immensely proud of this song. With a little retooling, it could be used in the 2004 election.

And of course, Iowahawk compeletely bested me a few months later with the fantastic Liberal Dupe Coup. But he's paid to do satire, so I can live with that.
Om Shante, Shante, Shante

If this blogging thing is to be done, there's something everyone should know: every Tuesday and/or Wednesday is Yoga day. Upon bootup, I find myself devoid of anger and bitterness. That which drives me to compare entitlement spending to homosexual rape has been sweated out in the yoga studio. At this point, the temper is subdued for 24 hours or so and it is difficult to get angry at things like this.
And this.
And this. The kids' deaths are not the fault of the US Armed Forces, but that makes it no less sad. These sick bastards who live with their children over ammo caches during wartime- Sigh. They can't spoil my mood today.

Post-yoga time I have no choice but to "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative" as the song goes. So I concentrate on the good news, like this.
And this.
And this.
And this.

May you all know peace, and if you do, take a moment to thank those whose sacrifices permit it.



Well, last night I did no blogging because there was the Bush in 2004 meetup and there was liver abuse drinking to be done. My plans for getting to work 2 hours early to reboot a server were put off at least 1 day.

Though I remember very little about last night, there is one astute observation that a man named Michael had which was such a wonderful insight, it was the only thing that lodged itself in my alcohol hazed brain long enough for me to remember it:

Conservative think tanks are the new academia. What he meant was that the only creative, original thinking about public policy these days is emanating from the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, the Hudson Institute, etc. What new public policy ideas have Harvard and Yale come up with since the 60's, anyway? All academia has to offer is more of the same 'ol same 'ol. Would that think tanks could teach history and philosophy!

Monday, December 08, 2003
Chocolate, Strawberry, Sasparilla

From the NY Press Gift Guide

Flavor Flav Alarm Clock
Lord & Taylor
424 5th Ave. (betw. 38th & 39th Sts.), 212-391-3344

Have that one friend who shakes his fist angrily at the latest Hot 97 stars, insisting that hiphop as an art form reached its zenith in 1988 when two homeboys from Long Island got together and called themselves Public Enemy? Bring back the days of Fear of a Black Planet with this talking alarm clock modeled after the unforgettable Chuck D. sidekick, complete with oversized clock. It comes with five different wake-up calls, including "Bass for your face," "Git up, a git-git-git down," "Rock that shit, homie," and my personal favorite, "Yeeeeaaah, booooyyy!!!!" If this doesn’t bring a smile to your crabby friend’s face (and brighten up their room with its fluorescent colors), nothing will.

Ah, memories of High School.
One the one hand, I want it. On the other hand, it sounds a little harsh to wake up to.

Prescription Drugs Never Put Anyone in Concentration Camps

Guess what?

Something pissed me off again

Don't get me wrong. The author makes some good points about the Medicare bill.

1)The expansion of Medical Savings Accounts is great and your author would certainly be socking ducats away in one if he weren't running into a lack of employment in the near future.

2) Means testing seniors that clock over 80k per year is a crucial step in the right direction.

3) There will be competition between Medicare and private plans, but only in 2010, and only in 6 areas in the country.

4) And these baby steps toward reintroducing free market principles into the medical marketplace only cost 2 trillion.

Say What, Motherfucker?

2 trillion is just the estimated cost. Now that's a figure that makes me instinctively grab my ankles, look over my shoulder and whisper, "Dubya, the KYs on the shelf. Please, please use it and be gentle." Now consider that Social Security and Medicare quickly outgrew their estimated costs and ended up costing the American taxpayer much more than the figure he was sold on. Considering this, I don't even ask Dubya for KY because I know when he's through with me; my entire lower intestine will need to be replaced surgically. A mouthful of wine corks to prevent me from shattering my teeth is all I ask for.

But, you know- that's not really what I'm pissed off about. This sentence just makes me wanna tell Dubya the author's anus is tighter than mine and he's in the room next door:
(Question for Steve: When did we supply-siders begin obsessing about the national debt and deficits?)

Oh my God This numbskull couldn't buy a clue in a Nevada whorehouse. The whole point of Supply-Side Economics is that you can unleash incredible amounts of economic growth by cutting taxes. However, if you spend at a greater rate than GDP growth, the long-term effect will be lessened because private investment will always be crowded out by government investment, lowering productivity growth. During the Reagan years, nobody cared about this effect. We had a bunch of scumbags running concentration camps in Siberia- it was more important that we free the frozen prisoners than get the full effect of the tax cuts.

Supply-Siders like me can forgive deficits in the defense of liberty, but deficits in the pursuit of votes surely are a vice.

I wonder if Jerry's taking a bath right now?

Just watched The King of Comedy for the first time. Picked it up knowing this was a great movie I'd never seen. Damn- just blown away. Jerry Lewis, Robert DeNiro, and Sandra Bernhard are great in this. Before he got typecast, DeNiro played a great loser.

For those who didn't see it when I was 10:

The story is that DeNiro is a wacko who wants to do standup. Eventually he kidnaps Jerry Lewis (who plays the equivalent of Johnny Carson) so he can get on his show for his Big Break.

Along the way, the movie says so much about our starfucking culture and the people who use fantasies about celebrities to fill their empty lives, it gave me the shivers.

I can't decide whether our country's celebrity idolatry is getting better, or worse. Don't care too much, as none of the folks I know are hung up on that shit. Those that are will succumb to Darwin's law and wither on the vine.

Sunday, December 07, 2003
This is not why I vote Republican, Damnit!

This story is a ton of inside baseball on how an economically conservative PAC tried their best to restrain the President's Worst. Idea. Ever.

Apparently the President isn't content with making up a sound bite like, "No free prescriptions for Warren Buffet and Ted Turner" and running on principle in 2004. No, he's got to take every possible issue away from the DemocRATS and spend my (hypothetical) childrens money to do so. Fucking Weasel.

A lot of folks who love inside baseball will get a lot out of this story, but that's not so much what I'm into. I'd rather be outside the stadium, holding a sign up that says, "Stay off the Steroids."When a politican gets elected, he begins to sell out those who elected him. America needs PAC's like this to keep them honest.

Club for Growth is actually modeled after Emily's list, the pro infanticide PAC that runs pro-infanticide candidates against pro-life candidates in Democratic primaries. Their idea is to move the party in their direction, and Emily's List has done a fantastic job in the past 18 years assuring that every DemocRAT with aspirations of higher office will be photo-opped punching pregnant women in the stomach.

I can only hope that Club for Growth will be as successful in its quest to pull Republican politicians off the taxpayer tit.

UPDATE: I almost forgot the reason I posted this. My aunt is a lifelong DemocRAT who opposed the Medicare bill. Not because she worries about the electibility of DemocRATS, but because she planned. Her prescription drug plan was provided through her union (NYC Employees) and she pays $3.00 and $9.00 for meds that cost $40.00. Now she's worried about possible changes to her drug plan, the one that was working just fine for her. My aunt, in her retirement, does not make a ton of money. Yet she and most seniors are already well covered. Why was this new entitlement spending necessary if not to steal an issue in 2004?


Tyrant Publicists, International

Things like this really piss me off.

Nov. 15, 2003 | More than two years into the Bush administration's lurching war on terror, William Schulz, executive director of Amnesty International USA, is aiming some of his sharpest criticism not at the White House, but at the American political left. His message: Take on the terror threat, or risk irrelevance.

How could one be pissed off at Amnesty International, one asks? Aren't they helping the cause of human rights everywhere?


I've seen too many stories like this.

And too many stories like this.

Oh, I forgot, add a couple of these to the list of reasons Amnesty Intl. is today simply the publicist for dictators everywhere.

One may ask if I'm being too harsh. Isn't it a relief that even our great nation is not immune from scrutiny?
When a supposed human rights organization points out a few things that are not even human rights violations, (our treatment of enemy combatants in Gitmo) and proceeds to tell the USA that we are human rights violators- it's a bit strange.
You see, it's strange that in the past 10 years they never mention these mass graves or the tyrant who filled them.

Today Amnesty International functions solely as a publicity operation for those who fill mass graves. So I find it a llitle tough to believe they are serious about the War on Terror.

In 10 years, the phrase "human rights" will be meaningless, because these bastards debased it.

The same way the phrase "civil rights" has been debased by Jesse Jackson and his ilk.